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Here’s the thing: the music industry is changing continuously and recording budgets are getting smaller and smaller. If you’re a musician, these are exciting times because you don’t need millions of dollars anymore to make a hit record. All you need is the right gear , a good vibe, and good ears . If you have all that, hits will come.

That’s where we come in.  We make sure you have the perfect  tools (analog and digital)  while you focus on creativity. We carefully selected every piece of equipment to make sure you get that “BIG” sound without the hassle and the price tag of old gear.Tracking, mixing, mastering , producing, writing sessions, we’re equipped for all !  Located (literally) downtown Vancouver in a prestigious building,  our studio will get you inspired sooner than you think.

We can also hook you up with great engineers and producers that have become friends with us after using our studio and they can help you complete  your next big hit.

In very rare cases, if you’re really talented but you can’t afford to rent the studio, show us what you got and we might sign you to our independent label and take care of the recording, but don’t get your hopes up, we are very hard to please.


past work


the best equipment for today's needs
  • DAW: Logic Pro, Ableton Live

  • CONVERTERS: LYNX AURORA 16 , Dangerous Music DAC ST

  • MONITORING: PROAC S100 , YAMAHA NS-10 , coupled with BRYSTON 4ST and JBL UREI 6260 amplifiers through the amazing Dangerous Music MONITOR ST

  • PREAMPS: Neve 1073 (Custom build), Brent Averill Neve 1272 x 2 , Tonelux MP5A x 2

  • MICROPHONES:  Neumann U87, Neumann KM 84, Line Audio CM 3 (x2), Shure SM 57, Royer

  • COMPRESSORS : Smart Research C1 , Empirical Labs Distressor, Warm Audio WA76

  • EQs : Maag EQ 4 (x2) , Better Maker 502P, Neve 1073

  • SIGNAL PROCESSING : Elysia Karacter 500 , Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT SUMMING BOX , Access Virus TI, MOOG Slim Phatty

  • INSTRUMENTS : Gibson Southern Jumbo True Vintage Acoustic guitar, Fender Stratocaster Deluxe electric, Takamine G series Acoustic guitar, Schiller Vintage 1902 Upright Piano , Ibanez ARTCORE series Hollow body guitar, MASCHINE STUDIO , M- AUDIO OXYGEN MIDI Controller

  • HARDWARE SYNTHS :  Access Virus TI, MOOG Slim Phatty

  • SOFTWARE PLUGINS : Everything you can think of from Universal Audio, Waves, Fabfilter, REfx (NExus), Xfer (Serum) etc etc.

  • RENTAL EQUIPMENT : We can also provide you with any other piece of gear you might need as long as we know in advance .

Phone: 778 808 6884
Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada